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Hapi.js is basically an abstraction layer on top of Node.js which makes it easier to create restful APIs with it.

In this Tutorial we will create a simple REST API with Hapi.js. We will start by setting up a project and adding all the dependencies needed, then setup the databases and create some fake data, and finally create the CRUD routes.

Ready? Let’s jump right into it then.

First things first, open your cmd and locate yourself where you want to create your new project.

create a folder for your project with mkdir test-hapijs

Go inside your folder with cd

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In this article, I will be explaining what is Angular? How does it work? What are the main features of Angular.

Are excited? Let’s get started.

First, let’s understand what is Single Page Applications (aka SPA) that everyone is talking about!

Single page applications are web applications that run on the browser and do not need reloading pages throughout the lifespan of the application and only data is transmitted back and forth.

Well no brainier, Angular is an SPA framework.

Let’s dig in more, Angular is an open source framework for front-end development that facilitates creating sophisticated, efficient and complex single page applications. …

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Spring boot is a way of writing and creating spring based application with less boilerplate code and configuration since it comes with many special features such as the auto-configuration that saves developers the time and energy of writing tons of code blocks, annotations and unnecessary XML configurations.

The main goal of spring boot is to ease the way web applications are developed.

Indeed, it ensures that by writing less code, it is both more understandable as well as maintainable. …

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If you are reading this article, you probably know what SVG already is. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm to quickly define what is SVG.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This file format allows us to display vector images on web/mobile applications. However, the question is, why is it a big deal? And why should you use it instead of a pixilated image? It’s very simple, you can scale up and down SVG images without losing any quality.

Let’s get started then and create a react native project with expo:

expo init svg-tutorial-rn

Choose the blank bare workflow. Open your project in your favorite editor. …

Hi everyone.

It became almost rare that a software engineer does not integrate a payment system in his/her backend at least once in his/her lifetime, therefore I decided to share what I learned in this article and explain how to implement your own payment system successfully.

So, let’s get started. There are many payment API and SDKs that could be used such as Stripe, Paypal, Noodlio Pay, Square API, and the list goes on.

Now in this tutorial, I will be focusing on integrating Paypal to your spring boot app.

The first step for you is to visit the PayPal developer website and login to the dashboard (the button should be on the upper right of your screen…


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